All the warnings below stand for every document page in the TUNES project, and for every page reader whether simply visitor or active project member, even if no subsequent warning is present.

This project is under construction.

Copyright Issues

Project under construction

All the TUNES project is currently under active development. To be aware of the latest changes, and participate, see our collaboration area. Web Pages normally include a tag at the end, indicating when they were last modified.

If you want a fast access to the information in the (big) TUNES site, without suffering the possible slowness or unreliability of your internet connection, you may want to obtain a local copy of the whole thing, through FTP or CVS.

Please do not ever hesitate to send feedback through our collaboration channels: questions, suggestions, ideas, corrections, remarks, opinions, insults, and comments about typos and broken english are welcome, especially if you disagree or do not understand.

This way, these pages can be improved, things can be explained better and changed according to your suggestions.

Copyright issues

Note: to make a long story short, this whole project is under the GNU LGPL in as much as possible.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all the material in the TUNES project, including these WWW pages, are

Copyright (c) 1994-2000 François-René Bân "Faré" Rideau Ðang-Vu and the Members of the TUNES project.

This is done so we are sure the our ideas are not "stolen" and put a copyright or a patent upon without our knowing, or any such thing.

However, you may freely redistribute the documentation contained in these WWW pages according to the terms of the GNU LGPL, version 2 or later.

Which basically means anyone can freely redistribute this software, but must respect intellectual property by doing so, and cannot restrict the rights of the recipients. If you distribute software from this project, you must also distribute the copyrights together; if you modify anything and distribute the results, you must make the original available, too, and make it explicitly clear what part of the distributed software is yours, and what is ours.

See our legal section for more information.